A Little bit about myself:

I am originally a native of the Washington, D.C. area suburbs.  I was a Gerontologist for seven years.  I have been director of care management for two geriatric care management firms.  I also provided consulting services for eldercare providers, as well as speaking engagements and continuing education for estate planners, long term care insurance providers, nursing home administrators, nurses, social workers and the MS Society.  

While working in healthcare, my art was a form of self therapy.  Disease and death, disengagement and decline of the physical body, is difficult to watch.  Creating new, permanent things was a way of consoling myself when an elderly friend or client passed away.  After losing a very dear young friend, I took a sabbatical from eldercare consulting, and re-evaluated how I wanted to spend the hours that I’d devote to work.  I spent every spare minute painting whatever came to mind.  As each of our children was born, light replaced the dark space, and my mind was fresh again.   I decided to pursue art as a vocation, rather than return to healthcare.

I have painted in my free time since 1999, and now work exclusively as an artist.  Mediums include fiber, oils, acrylics, and watercolor.  On occasion, I also construct functional art from local driftwood.  Being an artist allows me to be at home with my little ones, and taps into a part of me that was never utilized in my prior positions in the health care field.  I have been pleasantly surprised at the positive response I have received on my work, and the personal and spiritual enrichment painting brings to my life.

Artist’s Statement:

My work is uncomplicated.  Playful and fluid, yet deliberate in placement and use of hue.  I start each new piece with a sketch, then build a painting by using many layers of color.   My artistic style is inspired by my young family.   Since being a mother, I find myself drawn to subjects involving familial ties and nature.  I work color bi-polar, either using a highly saturated palette or very little color at all in monochromatic works such as my "Preakness" series.

I’ve Hung at:

Maryland Hall for the Arts

Circle Gallery, State Circle, Annapolis, MD

West Annapolis Artworks, Annapolis, MD

Fra Angelica Gallery, Fifth Street Arcade, Downtown Cleveland

Gallery B, Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD

Gallery 90, Hospice of the Chesapeake, Pasadena, MD

Paul’s Homewood Café, Annapolis Maryland

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Public Library, Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

Mac Worthington Gallery, North High Street Arts District, Columbus, Ohio

ART (Artist Review Today) Gallery, The Galleria at Downtown Cleveland

Fra Angelica Gallery, Avon, Ohio

Panda Gallery, Okemos, Michigan


2015 Gallery 90, Hospice of Chesapeake, Pasadena, MD

2015 Gallery B Bethesda, MD, MFA at Gallery B Show

2015 Maryland Federation of Art Fall Members Show

2015 Colors of Summer, West Annapolis Artworks

2015 Artists Across Maryland, Lowe’s Building, Annapolis   *by invitation only

2015 Maryland Landscapes, West Annapolis Artworks

2015 Member Madness, Circle Gallery

2015 Summer Member Show, Circle Gallery

2015 Spring Member Show, Circle Gallery

2015 MFA’s Great Member Online Exibition

2014 Holiday Show, West Annapolis Artworks

2014 Member Holiday Shop, Maryland Federation of Art

2014 Fall Member Show, Circle Gallery

2014 Paul’s Homewood Café (joint show with Kate Stillwell)

2014 “Cityscapes” Summer Show at West Annapolis Artworks

2014 Spring Member Show, Circle Gallery

2014 Artist’s Melange I, Circle Gallery, Annapolis

2014 MFA at Gallery B, Bethesda

2013 Martha Stewart “American Made” Nominee-Fiber

2013 Fine Art Europe Website Contest Nominee: The Holy Family

2013 Summer Member Show, Circle Gallery

2013 Spring Member Show, Circle Gallery

2012 Women in the Arts Exhibit, Cleveland Public Library

2011 Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Summer Show