I thought I'd share my angst with you all this evening.  Today I may have started the worse painting in modern history.  

Yesterday I prepped my canvas.  All excited at a new concept and technique that (I think) I may have come up with myself.  Very exciting, right?  No.  Not exciting.  What looked fine yesterday looked like crap today when I began my sketch overtop of the turquoise colored canvas.  Just so you know, I often cover my canvas in a solid color to add depth to the colors layered on top.  Anyhow, this experiment was a major stinker.  Terrible.  My priming looked terrible.  My sketch looked terrible.  As a whole, what I came up with after two hours was nothing short of an embarrassment.  Which is precisely why I will not be posting a photo.  Seriously, anyone who ever thought me a talented artist (or at least a talented artist in the making) would retract any previous admiration and write me off entirely.

So, tonight I'm confessing my major failure.  Anyone out there who paints knows that this happens from time to time.  It's just that my particular efforts today are the worst I have ever produced and I'm disgusted.  I'll be painting over this canvas first thing in the morning as I can no longer stand looking at it.

Sometimes that eight ball goes in the hole no matter how hard you try and keep it out.  

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.  Wish me luck!