This morning I realized that I forgot to post a couple things.

First, there's a dog called the French Mastiff.  In the past, these dogs were useful on safari, being extremely loyal and fearless dogs.  They were used to bait lions, etc.  During WWII many of these dogs ended up being killed by the German soldiers when they marched into France.  The dogs were so loyal to their owners that the Germans killed them out of fear and/or mistrust.  Which makes them a stellar kind of dog in my opinion, perhaps the primary reason that dogs were domesticated in the first place.  They make excellent friends.

So I did another watercolor sketch after looking online at the Dogue de Bordeaux rescue.  I think these dogs actually look like little lions.  If I didn't already have two weimeraners and I wanted to get a slobbery dog, this is the one I'd get.

Also, here's the start of the waterman painting that is 48x48.  It doesn't look like much yet because it isn't