Finally!!!! Home Stretch!

Had a great day in the studio.  Started out dark with the weather kinda gloomy, but by 1 pm, the sun was out and things were going better.  I ended up lightening up my canvas a bit after the sun came out, realizing that the lack of light earlier in the day led me to go darker than I thought I need to.  

Anyhow, I'm finishing this one up tonight after all my lovies go to bed.  And, I'm not doing another large canvas for a few months.  Putting myself on restrictions.  I used 10+ tubes of new paint, and destroyed about ten or so brushes before the fat lady sings tonight.  And it's been over a month working on this monster.  All in all, although I'm happy with the result, it wasn't the best use of time and resources.  That said, I am a lowly studio painter, not an accountant or finance guru, so I'll leave the expenditures vs. fair market value to my husband.

Today I did decide to leave the rather morbid take on cows.  Fact is, this painting is for a restaurant that serves a great deal of red meat, and these aren't dairy cows (dairy cows have boney spines vs. angus or meat cows that are stockier).  

I took lots of photos today and I hope you enjoy them.  Sorry for being a slug with this painting.  Things have just been ridiculous around here lately and I'm finally getting back my work time. 

Here you go...will post final painting tomorrow...

So here you can see my blue paint scribbles, the eyes have gotten lots of love, and I've sectioned the cows out by cut.  I know, mean, but it's my painting.  Also, details on the face have been put in as well as some shading in the hair and bodies.  The fence also got some love.

Close up of background cow on right.  I think she's my favorite.  I don't think I'd eat her first.

Up close and personal with main stud on center of canvas.  I think I'll call him Fred. I like his face the best, and shape wise, he's closest to the build of a genuine angus (not my cartoony eating cows).

Ideally, a painting looks best from far away.  That is where all the little details come together as a whole to fill out the composition.  And, I'm really happy with the look from far away.  This last shot is about fifteen feet away from the easel and is, in my opinion, where this piece looks best from.

Sorry the photo is crooked, but I have a bad habit of cocking my head when looking at something, hence my not so good photos.  Anyhow, I think I'm pleased with this painting I've renamed "Osso Bucco".  Suits it better than "T-Bone" I think.  Sounds fancier, right?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend....Stay tuned for final photos.  As always, I appreciate your interest in my work!