So, I Suck At Taking My Own Advice...

Last evening, before leaving for a really stellar party at my buddy, Laura's, I put Osso Bucco on the living room wall to see how it looks then left it there.

This morning I got up, went in the living room and as the sunlight arrived in the room over coffee, more and more I was unpleased with Osso Bucco.  Wasn't sure why, but it wasn't done.  So, I spent another two hours experimenting on my poor cows and pasture this morning.  Good news is that, I know for sure, that it's done.  As tempting as it was to really try and make over the composition, perhaps adding more in the right foreground, I decided to just rev up the warmth on the cows and then slowly and carefully add more saturated color in the fence areas and around the forest's edge in the back.  

I'm really terrible at taking my own advice, I guess.  After all of that stop before you booger it up talk yesterday just didn't apply this morning.  So, here is the absolute final product.


I have a busy week coming up with Christmas, but i'm hoping to have Clam Digger done on Wednesday night before we leave to go see Santa at Bass Pro Shop.  I may need a drink or two before hand...standing in line for two hours with four kids and about two hundred other people (and their kids) is enough to test my patience for the entire coming year of 2015.  

As always, thank you for plugging along with me here in my studio.  2015 promises to be a big one for me.  Lots of exciting opportunities coming up that I'll be anxious to share...