Big Installation Today...

I left at 7 a.m. to get to Annapolis by 9 this morning.  I thought traffic would be heinous, but it was just the usual frustrating car or two that seemed to think they were the only car on the road. I generally drive unagrresively, but there was a yellow Smart Car in the fast lane going 50 MPH on the beltway that did not seem to have a clue as to why the far left lane is called the fast lane.  There were four other lanes that yellow Smart Car could have been driving in.  Anyhow, that aside, the traffic was only congested around 695 until 97 (those of you in Maryland know this strip of highway always sucks, no matter the time of day or day of the week).

There is a small chance that I have a weird habit of arriving to my desired destination exceedingly early and the said Smart Car was just inhibiting my ability to be there 45-minutes before I was asked to.  I suppose I could be a little less rigid about uberpunctuality and just arrive on time.  It's just that I've found that early leaves a better impression and when you are essentially selling yourself with your art, being early is appreciated as artists are know to be flakes and/or tardy drama queens, divas, etc.  At MFA, we strive to break those stereo types.  I just wish I could have conveyed my intent on breaking down stereotypes this morning to the driver of the Smart Car.  I'm sure anyone driving such a progressive car would certainly understand and support my endeavor to do so.

So I am going to finish up the cows this week.  Any ideas for a title for the giant cow painting may be forward to me at my contact info.  I'm needing to finish that up and move on as it has been several weeks and this week I will sprint to the finish.

I have a sketchpad that I take everywhere.  One of the trips that my current sketchpad participated in was to Zion National Park.  Zion is one of those places that I had to visit at least twice.  Generally, I go somewhere, then cross it off my list and head somewhere else.  However, Zion has colors that I hadn't experienced.  The landscape was so interesting from a textural standpoint, and the vegetation, extraordinary, considering Zion is technically in the desert of the Southwest.

Here's a quick watercolor sketch I did there on the Pa'rus Trail.

So before I finish up one piece, I like to have the next one worked out in my mind ahead of time.  I found a quick sketch of a waterman digging up clams and thought it would make a nice composition.  So, I'm transferring the image to a prepped canvas at the end of the week and will hopefully have it started and somewhat under painted by next Wednesday when I post the finished (unnamed) cow painting (that is 4'x6' large!!!)

Here's the waterman.  I think I'm gonna just call him "Clamdigger".

 I drew this guy while on my last leg to Thailand in April.  Love rubber boots on a man...and waders...

As for future trips for painting ideas, I am very much hoping to see all the National Parks at some point.  This will probably happen with girlfriends rather than the hubby as he only enjoys hunting trips these days and I have absolutely no desire to kill anything.  Seriously, I pray diligently for every dead animal on the side of the road, which is a lot this time of year when the bucks are rutting...

This week is a busy one.  I have three art receptions to attend, three of which my attendance is required as I'm a featured artist.  I also have an event called "Midnight Madness" in Annapolis on Thursday night where I'll be on hand to peddle my wares.  I hate being a salesperson, but that's just part of the deal.  It is fun to meet my patrons in person, but I'm always worried that they won't like me and I get nervous.  Silly, I suppose.  Artsy types are generally an agreeable bunch, and I do appreciate their appreciation for the arts and artists.  If it weren't for them, I'd be starving right now, which I'm thankfully not.

Thanks for looking and stay warm tonight...We're in for two inches of ice.  Yippee.