Upcoming show at West Annapolis Artworks

Thank you to Su (the owner) and Kellee (curator) at West Annapolis Artworks for showing interest in my work and offering an opportunity for me to be a part of their summer show in 2014.  Complements are always a blessing, but coming from professionals who get inundated with inquiries from artists looking to show their work, it is certainly a good day when you are asked to be a featured along side such remarkable talent (I was drooling all over my MacBook while browsing the site of the last summer show.  WOW! To say that I'm a little intimidated by the other artists there is a gross understatement). 

I've been showing my work in galleries for ten years now, but am now just starting to feel plugged in, aware of my work, where it might fit well, and who I most enjoy working with.  The fine team over at Maryland Federation of Art have been instrumental in this process.  I would recommend pursuing membership if you are an aspiring artist, an established artist, or simply love the process of art and want to be involved in nonprofit gallery volunteerism.  

It's exceedingly difficult to have a strong gallery presence and successful track record when art commerce is so dependent on the economy.  But, MFA, through thoughtful and deliberate entrenchment in the community has managed to remain a healthy and viable source of art and artists in the Annapolis area for over fifty years.  Quite an accomplishment.  If you are interested in membership, donating, or volunteering, you can find more info on their website www.mdfedart.com

As an aside, we finally had two warm(ish) days pass through here.  I'd forgotten all but the colors white (fresh snow), gray (dirty snow), and black (ice, that is).  What a blessing to sit outside and enjoy the sun for a change...watch the kiddos ride bikes and listen to the water trickling down as the ice on the house melts.  Almost as good as the glass of Sazarac I'm partaking in at this very moment.  After all, a fine day deserves a fine ending.