There is an upside to jet leg. I've been back four days, and have gotten more done than I did in the entire last month.  Staying up late and getting up early allows one sufficient time to scratch stuff of the to-do list.  Having enough hours in the day to accomplish what I actually set out to do is certainly a rarity, something to be thankful for.

I got some great photos in Thailand.  I was in Bangkok during the Thai New Year, which meant getting doused with a super soaker.  Lucky for me, I was obviously a tourist (at 5'9" with natural blonde hair and a fair complexion), and the participants in the festival went easy on me.  

Thank you to my buddy, Sri-Annant, for showing me around and hosting me.  She and I were celebrating our 40th birthdays together, just like we did when we were roommates back in 1995 & 1996!  The food was delicious and crazy cheap!  My favorite combination!

We did spend half the week in Phuket.  Went on a boat tour of the Similan Islands and its surround.  The Indian Ocean has water that is a shade of blue that I've just never encountered in my travels.  So clear, and according to the locals, no sharks (not sure about that one).  I did, however, have a very personal encounter with a school of jellyfish.  It seems that they are the same brilliant blue as the water, and I didn't know they were even there until I had them in my bikini top.  Ugh.  Nothing like stingers on your pink parts.

I'll be painting some of the better photos for a show this summer with a city theme.  Wish me luck.

I did get good news when I got back.  "Yellow Haired Girl", the painting I completed before my trip was accepted by the juror for the spring show at Circle Gallery through the Maryland Federation of Art.  Thank you juror!  As an aside, their Give $10 fundraiser is May 7-8.  It's a great way to help living artists get their work on gallery walls.  Go to to get on the mailing list or to donate ten bucks, so they can win the Give $10 campaign again this year.  

Here's a little eye candy for ya...the sunset from our hotel room at Cape Panawa in Phuket...


cape panawa sunset from room