Where to start???

I have a new friend who is also an artist.  She is able to get in her zone and crank out a month's worth of work in one weekend...with three kids and a husband.  Why can't I do that?

I am narrowing down the photos I took in Bangkok for the city themed summer show at West Annapolis Artworks.  I am very confident that I can produce four to five pivotal pieces in five weeks, however, getting the drawings onto the canvases are a long time coming.  I need about twenty hours just for that.  I know that once the process is started, things will move quickly from there, and I can just let the work happen.  I wish I could just start painting a blank canvas and be done with all the prep work, but I do that very poorly.  I have a very specific way of starting new pieces.  The day before, I paint an undercoat on the canvas....a color that will peek through here and there and add a pop of color.  I really like cadmium red (medium hue) for this step.  Other artist people do this too.  Then I add a bunch of darker undertones...I just so happen to use (as you know) tons of Payne's Gray, which looks great against that red after it's been lightened up a bit. I like to sketch them out in the kitchen where the light is perfect.  I like it quiet when I'm sketching.  No music, no interruptions. I start cranking up the tunes after the sketch is done and I need some insight as to where to put what color...(i.e. if Tangled Up in Blue comes on, then I take that as a literal sign, then go from there)... The further along I get, the louder and more obnoxious the music (think Anthrax with Public Enemy - terrible, but whatever, it's my studio).  Judas Priest also tends to make it's way on at this point as well (my mom would call in an exorcist if she knew this).  Anyhow, after I decide on some cityscapes this afternoon and plot them onto a canvas, I'll be starting some new work tonight.  Wish me luck.