Done (pass the whiskey, dear).

Finished "Evening" (Spring Thaw Northern Michigan) this afternoon.  There's nothing left to do on the piece without ruining the work I've put into it already.  I spent about thirteen hours actively painting the piece with acrylics and then using oil pastels to add color and texture.  I'm pleased with the finished product, but like many artists (I'm assuming) second guess themselves for a while before genuinely being happy with a finished piece.

So, I'm entering this one in a show that is open to all North, South and Central American artists.  No pressure, right?

The piece is currently available for $1200.  48"x48" Gallery Wrapped Canvas. It's a statement piece for sure.  Not so big that you can't get it in the door, but big enough to command a room.  I am happy to accept payment plans as well.  That's how I've accumulated my humble collection over the years...

Thanks for looking!  Here it is:

Evening: Spring Thaw Northern Michigan