Three hours goes by quickly when your engrossed in a painting.  This is why art cost so much.  Because the amount of hours, supplies, and such adds up quickly, and must be accounted for.  Yes, you can buy paintings on ebay from someone in China for $10.  And I admit, I've done that.  When I was in grad school (for gerontology, not art), I wanted real wall art for my apartment (to offset the degree of ugly my place was). I'd just moved out of my folks house (again) and had absolutely no budget for decor.  I got some cool stuff on ebay.  But, now, most of that stuff is in the basement.  Because it looks like $10 paintings.

So, I've been working on a new piece for a upcoming show.  A farmscape, my favorite kind of landscapes.  I've spent five hours on it already and this is as far as I've gotten (see below). The painting is 48"x48".  I did the underpainting and sketch, then worked on the actual paint last night for three hours.  Didn't realize it was 10:30 pm, until the kids came in telling me they were tired.  I did get a lot done, considering I had no idea what color to start with.  I started mixing colors on my plastic plate (plastic plates are my favorite kind of palette for acrylics) and I think came up with something interesting so far.  I generally don't paint stuff the color they should be.  I guess that's why I'm a studio artist and not a plein air painter. 

The photo below is the painting so far.  It's of Frank's Farm, but I'm going to try and come up with a better title than Frank's Farm #4.  Thanks for looking.

Frank's Farm #4 (Spring Thaw Northern Michigan?)