Just Finished at 3pm today...

I had a piece due tomorrow but somehow squeaked it out a day early.  Love it when that happens.  It could have something to do with the fact that I listened to The Beastie Boys all day and was high on terrible tunes (and two pots of Starbucks Komodo Dragon blend).

I'm starting to really enjoy mixed media.  It might have something to do with my childhood love of all things glue.  I was sketching and watercoloring paper for collage all morning, then put the piece together over the course of five hours or so.  And, I never get a piece done in that amount of time, so I'm doubly thankful for my time alone today in my studio.

Here's a photo of the finished piece.  It's being entered in the Art on Paper show at MFA and possibly for the Hospice Cup Regatta Poster Competition, in which I was second place last year (Lost by two votes!  Ugh!  I should have voted and had my hubby vote, but for some reason that seemed like cheating to me, so I didn't...spilt milk, I suppose.)

Thank you for being patient with me.  I really appreciate your interest in my work!

"Regatta Blue/Orange"


Mixed Media / Paper

This piece is based on a sketch I did first, then watercolored.  I then watercolored 140# paper with various similar colors and cut and pasted onto the canva-paper (by Carson).  Had a great time making this piece and may do more this winter.

Until then, three of my paintings are at the Maryland State House for the inauguration of Gov. Hogan.  I was incredibly flattered to be asked to participate in welcoming him into office.  Stop in and see if you are in Historic Annapolis!