More On Regatta Blue/Red

I had about an hour this afternoon in between a crazy morning and seven kids in the afternoon...that's what happens when you have a playdate between your own brood and someone else's.  Went well, however, I was exhausted by the time it was over.

Anyhow, I was able to finish up the underpainting and watercolor some sheets of mixed media paper to cut up and apply.  You'll see on the second photo that I've gotten some attached and tomorrow will go over them with more watercolors.  I need more adhesive to complete the pasting tomorrow afternoon while my crew is downstairs watching the Seahawks win the game.

Here you go....they will be headed to West Annapolis Artworks on Monday to be hung.  Will be getting them framed at WAAW as well.  Su, the gallery owner also does framing and she's got a great eye.

regatta blue/red

Photo #1 adding color at base for my sailors hanging over the side of the boat.

Here's the piece, still very unfinished, with some added texture and interest via cut papers that I painted previously.

Thanks for looking...will take some photos tomorrow when it's complete.