Progress? November, Lake Superior

Hello and good evening-

I had some time at the easel today before the in-laws arrived for Turkey Day.  Just a couple hours, but time both precious and appreciated, nonetheless.  I was able to give my fly fisherman a little love and fix his giant melon.  Why didn't you guys tell me that he looked like a Conehead?  

I suppose I went a little overboard in sizing his cranium.  Can I help the fact that I like men with astute intellectual aptitude?  I love big weird noses too and facial hair since we're on the subject.  I once dated a Spaniard with a kinda crooked nose, but he didn't look like anyone else and I liked that.  We broke up but later made good buddies.  When I went to visit him in Las Lomas (D.F.) and to stay with his family, he had failed to mention prior that he'd gotten a nose job.  Imagine my disappointment.  My dear friend no longer had an authentic look to him and for some reason that made me sad even though he and I were no longer an item.

Luckily, I have a large-lobed, big-nosed man with a hairy face and I couldn't be happier!  Best part, he doesn't care what he looks like, which only makes him more manly in my opinion...the fact that he hunts and was an Army tough guy doesn't hurt either.  And he likes my cooking.  He's even starting to like my paintings too, which I only took eleven years of being a gallery represented artist for him to notice my work.  I guess I forgot to mention that he's a little stubborn too.  We're celebrating our fifteenth anniversary in December.  

I'm a little chatty tonight.  Just feeling very blessed this Thanksgiving.  So much to be thankful for.  The fact that I just ate a half-pound crab cake at a great restaurant up the street may have something to do with that.  Give a Maryland girl a stellar crab cake and she's in a euphoric state for the remainder of the evening.

Anyhow, back to my paint slinging.  Here's the progress on my fly guy.  Let's just call him Walter.



So, just to review, I removed the boulder that was to Walter's right.  I found that it was taking away from the balance of the composition.  Instead, for interest, I introduced a landmass in the foreground.  As I move ahead, I'll work on the water, making a distinct separation of land and water so that it doesn't blur together quite so much.

Also, Walter's head is a heck of a lot smaller.  I think he's happier now, for sure.  No one needs a brain that big, not even a rough and tumble fisherman in Northern Michigan who probably has a corporate position at some big company during the working hours.  After all, fly fishing gear is not cheap.  Then again, he could be a cherry farmer at a historic farm in Grand Traverse county who's wife is home baking a pie and waiting for her hubby to bring home some decent sized whitefish?  So many possibilities for this guy...

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you to our friends and family who are away serving this great country of ours.  I will be praying diligently for your safety before I sleep each night. Also, wishing our allies and countries trying to live peaceably to have a very quiet and blessed holiday season.  Safety and health to our brothers and sisters in this world caught in the crossfires of political upheaval and violence.  I do hope that someday that our world will truly be at peace.

Have a good evening, and hello to my new viewer in Poland.  I hope to go there someday.