I was able to steal two hours this morning and get a good bit of the background laid down before I get a whole day (generally Wednesdays and Fridays) to paint later this week.

I'm liking the color-blocking behind my subject.  I'm using Thalo Turquoise with Titanium White for the water, and the same combination with a bit of French Gray just to cool it off even more in the sky.  I have lots of drippy fun planned for tomorrow.  I hope it's sunny because all of this dark in the house really screws up my color mixing.  I may have to go over what I did today later this week if the colors are brighter but flatter than they look here in my kitchen.

I was wrong about the due date on this piece.  It's actually next Thursday, so I have ten days, not three.  That's always a good thing, I think.  I'm hoping this piece gets chosen for that show at Annapolis Maritime Museum.  I'm a coastal girl so any show having to do with all things water is right up my alley...I was utterly miserable living in the midwest for ten years...praying like mad to somehow get back east.  That's certainly not the first time I've had a desperate prayer answered, but it certainly brought about a great deal of joy.  The right opportunities just hadn't yet been prepared for our family.  

Funny how our Maker's timeline is so perfect.  

I hope you all are staying warm today.  We had another inch of ice last night and the kids were two hours late this morning.  These snow days are killing me!

Today I have two photos.  First one is after 90 minutes, second one is at two hours.  I'l have plenty more done by this time tomorrow.  See you then!