Done! "Rock and Belly Roll" it is!

Just completed and shot submission photo for Maryland Federation of Art to review for Annapolis Maritime Museum "Of Fish or Fowl" show.  Not sure who the juror is, but hope he or she has a sense of humor and gets my title and light hearted piece.  As hard as I try to be serious, it just doesn't work for me.

I added my signature scribbles and decided against more paint.  I was thinking of changing his swim trunks to orange, but that might take away from the colors on the fish, which I want to be front and center of the piece,  all other things being secondary.

Here he is, hope you like him.  Will get notification in a couple weeks, hopefully.  This particular show is open to all of North America and Mexico.  I'm hoping to make the cut.  Tomorrow I find out about the Art on Paper show and if I got in.  If I don't blog about it tomorrow then take that as an indicator of my sulking over rejection.

P.S. My chicken coop is almost done! Can't wait to post photos!