I'm Not Sulking....

I got a rejection, which is always a major let down when one has prepared submissions and sent them in, hoping for a "yes".

However, in the case of the Art on Paper show through Maryland Federation of Art, I was so impressed with the high caliber of work the juror chose that I really wasn't as let down as I would have been otherwise.  The juror chose a very tidy body of work to grace the walls of Circle Gallery for the next month, and honestly, I was so impressed with the chosen pieces that I was considering purchasing one myself.  There are quite a few reasonably ($300 or less) prices large pieces that I fell for instantly.  Here's a link to the online catalog of the works on paper that did make the cut (and a hearty congratulations to my comrades across the country who were accepted!  Well done!).


I think my favorites (for the price) are "Stranger Things" and "Nude with Hammer" which are equally well executed pieces.  I would love to have them on my walls!  Stunning.

I should have some painted goodies / sketches for you later on in the week.  As you may know, we got hammered (yet again) with snow and ice over the weekend and schools have once again been effected as such.  So--As soon as I can get my babies back on schedule, I'll have some studio time.

I have a several pieces due March 16 for the "Landscapes of Maryland" spring show at West Annapolis Artworks.  I really want to create something unique for Su and Patrice who will curate the show.  I have quite a few pieces there now on display that will be taken down for the Landscapes show coming up.  Send me some good vibes (or landscape photos of Maryland that might inspire me!)  It is always such an honor to be a gallery represented artist at a gallery.  Essentially, they are implying that they feel you are, as an artist, worth having permanently in their line up.  They are trusting that what you bring to the table will be well received, high quality work.  I've been so blessed to be a house artist at WAAW, especially considering the line up.  Very intimidating, but the other artists are just as personable and professional as I've ever met.  I couldn't be more blessed to be there.

Oh- One more thing.  I had a great afternoon with a new friend today from church.  A lovely young woman (30 year olds does seem young to me now, unfortunately).  She has spearheaded a church ministry to serve women in Ethiopia in the most poor community (if you can call it that) in the capital.  The place itself is in English means "Cursed" because it was started as a leaper colony (and still is home to some in addition to many with AIDS).  The nonprofit she advocates for is called Carry 117.  Their website is in the works.  She was inspiring and her enthusiasm, infectious.  I'm anxious to be a part of that ministry if they can find some use for me.  Even if that use is licking envelopes.  I'm on it!

As always, thank you for plugging along...