Inauguration Show at Lowe's Building in Annapolis

Geez, last night was one of the coolest receptions I've been privy to.  I'm sitting here still not believing my Osso Bucco is hanging next to the finest paint slingers in the state (and we have quite a few).

Thank you again (and again and again...) to Joann Vaugh and David Diaz, as well as Hannah, our new gallery manager.  I've never seen such an extraordinary presentation as the long distinguished hallway that MFA offered to the Maryland community to gush over...and there was a long line to get in to do that.  All kinds, even bikers (I wish I would have known...I would have worn a Rolling Thunder T!)

Other news seems that one of my favorite painters, who actually painted a small portrait of our neurotic weimeraner toddler, Calvin, has been chosen as the official artist for the Kentucky Derby 2015.

I realize that art is for most, a splurge, something that happens once in a great while.  However, I want to encourage you guys to start investing in our living artists.  There are painters, as I've mentioned, that I started collecting years ago, and they really are going places!  The best part about collecting art is that it is a tangible, visually stimulating investment that not only changes the feel of the spaces you inhabit, it provides something original, an heirloom to pass on.

I don't have unlimited funds to throw at a hobby, but if I find something that I connect with and it's possible to attain, I contact the artist and figure out a payment plan.  I've done this for paintings, and I even commissioned a quilt for my 39th birthday a couple years ago.  It took me a year to pay for it, but it is my most prized object.  And it will be the item my kids fight over when I'm dead, I'm sure of it.

I had a long day yesterday and am just catching up on paperwork and such today so forgive me to not having any eye candy for you.  Administrative stuff needs some attention.

Hope you get some sunshine and warmer temps today.  We've got sun for a change, and if I weren't swapped with crap to do (and if my life was such to allow such luxuries) I'd be much inclined to take a nap.

Thank you for following along...