Horse's Ass

I was invited to participate in an online paint off of sorts recently held by Kimberly Santini, the official artists of the 2015 Kentucky Derby.  Those of us who stay tunes to her goings ons were provided a photo of a stunning horse from Saratoga last year.  The photo is a bit of a dark one...lots of moody shadows and such...The handler/jockey in the background readying her for a race.  All the completed paintings will be cataloged online for sale.

So, tomorrow I'm starting my piece.  The composition is primarily the backside of the horse, which will be interesting to paint as (1.) I've never attempted to paint a horse and (2.) I will need to refrain from naming the painting something completely inappropriate.  I wish I had a better sense of humor, but for some reason I can't seem to be serious while drawing and/or staring at a photo of an animal's backside all day.

I'll have a full day in the studio tomorrow...finally!  Things have been busy.  Also coming up is also the take down for the Artists Across Maryland Show that was by invitation only.  Saturday, I'll be picking up my piece, Osso Bucco, in Annapolis that was featured along side a handful of cohorts from the Maryland Federation of Art.  I would call them my contemporaries, but quite honestly, I'm still pinching myself for being asked to do that show and contemporaries would imply that I am their equal which I cannot say is honestly the case.  I've been at it (painting) since a vocation since about 2004.  I still have much to learn and not nearly enough time to practice.

Please forgive my hiatus from painting and blogging.  Other work has commandeered my creativity the past month or so and I was having a difficult time trying to do both...i wish I could wear more than one hat at a time...

Check back tomorrow for in progress photos of my new piece.  It's going to be 4x6', a humdinger!