Preakness Posterior

Done!  Very excited about this one.  I don't know if I mentioned why I did this piece in such a modern / edgy style.  Well, Yumi Hogan, our new first lady of Maryland is the juror and she's also faculty at MICA.  She judged the last show, "Art on Paper" and I did not get in.  

Generally, MICA professors are into modern art, so I thought I'd step out of my usual whimsy and come up with a simplistic modern portrait of a race horse very closely based on the photo provided by Kim Santini, mentioned in previous posts.  

I'm feeling good about the completed piece and even finished a day ahead of time! Hurrah!

You may have noticed that I changed the name.  Well, the Preakness is coming up, and I wanted to offer a nod to my home.  Many of the horses compete at all three events in the Triple Crown, so I'm just suggesting that this horse has made it's way to Baltimore already...

Just entered it online at MFA for the University of Maryland College Park Art Gallery Show in May/June.  Please wish me luck!  

Below are two views.  The second is an upclose view of the loose, wet acrylic paint.  It almost comes off as watercolor as the color is so translucent.

Thank you for looking!