Good evening.  I've been sewing today (and gardening in between sewing projects).  I have two fiber galleries that carry my line, Earthworms Woolens, made from recycled felted wool.  So, I'm working on that because it's been many months since I've completed a felt project and I've been asked when my Fall 2015 collection will be available for sale.  Geez.  It's really great to have interest, but I'm sure the Fall roll-out won't be until the Fall.  People will forget about the cold weather anyhow as soon as we hit the 80 degree mark....I almost never sell my woolens over the summer, except to a family in Victoria, Australia, where it's winter there.  (Thank you by the way!).

In other news, tomorrow I'm taking my two regatta pieces and the horse posterior painting in to the Maryland Federation of Art for Jurying.  I'm hoping to make the spring members show, but the MFA is so big now that there is no guarantee.  Wish me luck!

I will be waiting (impatiently) for May 22nd to arrive to learn whether I made the UMCP Art Gallery Show or not.  

On a lighter note, I've donated an original watercolor, "Farm on Grace Road #1" to the May Day silent auction taking place on Saturday afternoon at Fifth District Elementary.  It's an honor to be asked each year, and I'm happy to help.  It's a great little school, and the past two years, the same family won my pieces!  I think technically if someone acquires three or more pieces from the same artist then they are considered a "collector" (at least that's what I've been told).  We'll see if the same folks are the high bidder this year.  I love auctions!  You never know what the crowd is going to connect with.

West Annapolis Artworks is readying for their Summer Show.  I need to have several pieces with a summertime theme in by May 15.  That's going to be tough.  I'm slammed.  I'm thinking I might just do one really large one.  Big paintings seem to get the most ooh and ahhhs.

No photos today.  But stay tuned.  Next week I'll be getting to work on a big painting and hoping you'll follow along with me.  

One last thing...The internet might just be the best thing that ever happened to artists.  I've had all kinds of visitors to my sites from far and away...this week it was the Philippines, a couple weeks ago I had some interest from Norway, and I have frequent visitors from Turkey, although I suspect I know who that is.  I also have a few pages on Fineartamerica, and I have visitors from China all the time.  Pretty cool.  Thank you for plugging along with my artistic endeavors and good night!