Had a great day today!  Besides accompanying my son on a field trip to the zoo, which I love, I had something pretty freakin' cool happen as well.

Jenna- if you're reading this--you made my entire week (possibly month, and quite possibly this quarter).  

I got an email today from a gallery that is interested in representing me in NYC.  And not just any old place in NYC...Chelsea, NYC.  Holy Crap!

Well, I of course replied that I am interested, but not before I checked out the gallery online.  Wow! Pinch me!  The venue will remain unnamed at this point because I need to get more info and discuss the fine print with Jenna.  But regardless, I'm incredibly flattered and seriously humbled.  

Art is so subjective...and when your work gets noticed and there is interest, it is always much appreciated.  I'm truly overwhelmed.  Me in Chelsea?  Hell has indeed frozen over.  Can you see me smiling from where you are????