YIPEEE! I love a YES!

Just got word this morning that "Preakness Posterior" was chosen for the Maryland Federation of Art Spring Show at Circle Gallery which is being installed today and tomorrow.  This will be an especially fun show for me because my daughter's class is taking a trip to Annapolis this week and we're going to stop by and tour the gallery while we're there.  I'm a chaperone, and it'll be a fun day I think.  I hope my daughter's teachers and class don't think my painting sucks.  

Preakness Posterior was also uploaded to Kimberly Santini's April pARTy webpage, a challenge to paint her photo which is incredibly moody and a great snap shot all around.  I'm the only one uploaded so far...hopefully there will be others.  It was a fun project and inspired me to do more monochromatic works.  All the color is great, but when I need to calm myself and relax, my "batik" method (a term used to describe my style by one of Kim Santini's followers) really lets me relax and let the wet, loose paint marry, creating organic, asymmetrical shapes and blurring the edges.  It really helps me focus on the media and not the colors so much.  I'll be back to color soon enough, but only after I do a few more of these monochromatic exercises.

Thank you to Hannah and Joann at MFA!

I'll post a new sketch for a new painting tomorrow.  Will be in the studio all day.

Wish me luck!