Eight hours in..."Great Plains Bones"

Today I had a painting day!  Finally!  I have one child graduating Kindergarten and another graduating fifth grade (also a third grader and preschooler) who have all had school activities non-stop for the past two weeks or so.  I appreciate any painting time this week, because it is the last week of school and we have picnics, recitals, and the like the rest of the week.

I wasn't sure where this painting was going at first.  Actually, it was going somewhere the likes of a ripe diaper.  I was really discouraged after laying down the finalities on the sky today, then as soon as I put down that brush and picked up another to begin the rundown farm things began to look up.

I wish that I would claim victory on all fronts when painting but the fact is that I don't know a solitary artist that doesn't get discouraged and a little lost sometimes at the easel.  It is really a good thing when things come back around again and I can regain my composure, staying on task and working out the flaws rather than just chucking that canvas and starting a new one.

So this is what I accomplished today.  You can see that I worked quite a bit on the sky, then added more texture to the landscape and the focal point, which is the farmhouse.  The dark spot behind the tree trunk is going to be a shed of sorts, although, now that I'm half done, I wish I would have skipped the shed because it takes away from the rest of the composition.  Not sure what I'm going to do about that yet.  Will decide later on in the week.

Thank you for following along!