Frank's Farm Number 6 & 7...Long, Productive Day Today!

Today started out rather sluggishly.  I had an artists reception last evening (thanks Su at West Annapolis Artworks!).  Hmmm.  Could it have been the Mimosas?

Su needed to get her house artists a little liquored up so that we could overcome (I mean, I could overcome) the performance anxiety that accompanies a studio artist while painting live, outside, in front of say, ten to fifteen people.  Dear God.  I was sweating bullets.  Luckily, my partners in crime, fellow artists, were there for moral support....Unfortunately, the said moral support are also what I would rank as two of the top five artists in the area, which says a lot.  The art scene in Annapolis is ridiculously ripe with local talent.  The two at my left and right, Patrice Drago and David Diaz, were coaching me a bit, which I appreciated. about peer pressure!  But David, I do thank you for your assistance with the sunglasses on the shim.

So, today I woke up in a bit of a stupor, having gotten in late.  It was 8:45 am before I realized that my three year old had his last day of school today (which incidentally, begins promptly at 9 a.m.).  Nothing like taking your kid to school in your pajamas....but on a positive note, despite my degree of scary, my kid looked at adorable as possible.  He's so stinking cute.

Today I had a marathon painting session.  I needed two smallish paintings for the member show at MFA by tomorrow and actually managed to finish!  I decided to continue on with Frank's delicious farm and I'm pretty happy with the color choice and composition.  Will post photos in morning when the sun is out.  It's 11pm now, which makes for rotten photo lighting.  Besides, my eyes are closing on me and I really do need some shut eye.

Meet me here tomorrow for jpegs of Frank's Farm #6, & #7.