Thank you MFA!

This Friday night from 5-8pm is the Midsummer Madness Artist's Reception at Circle Gallery in Historic Annapolis.  This group is stellar.  The most professional group of artists and art enthusiasts / management that I've ever been privy to know and work with.  My piece, Frank's Farm #6 is in this show.

Today I got an email invite for the party Friday night and I wanted to take a sec to thank MFA management for choosing my image, Frank's Farm #6 as one of the two paintings used in the marketing materials.  This party/show is like no other because the artist who wins best of show is voted on by those present at the party.  Significantly different from the traditional means of judging where a serious art critic decides who's good and who sucks.  Personally, I prefer the "people's choice" manner of judging.  Lots less stressful.

MFA (Maryland Federation of Art) has a new fabulous website.  My "Sucker" painting image was featured on it last week:

Anyhow, consider yourself invited!  And as always, thank you for plugging along with me...