Good morning all (and hello to my new viewer in Bangladesh!)-

Just got the acceptance letter for the 2015 Maryland Federation of Art Fall Member Show!  Geez, did I need that.  Over the weekend, I painted my worst painting to date, and I needed a little confirmation of the fact that my work does not entirely suck.  So, "Layover" will be at Circle Gallery, Historic Annapolis this week through the second week in October.  I'm so happy!  When I dropped "Layover" off for the juror to inspect I was so nervous.  We have SO MANY great artist members at MFA and having my most recent (good) painting accepted for the show was cause for celebration in our home.

Next up is the acceptance/rejection letter for the Small Works show, which had 650+ entries.  If I make the cut for that show I may just die of happiness.

Hope you all are having a lovely September.  The weather here is perfection!  I took the kids to an apple farm yesterday since they were off of school.  It was 73 degrees out and sunny.  My favorite!  We're headed back to Baugher's in October when the Winesap apples are ripe.  That is my all-time favorite apple.  Will be sure to post photos of my pies after a baking day!

Now I need to get to work on another painting...will share sketch with you shortly...