"Sleeping With The The Fishes" (day two at the easel)

This snow storm has severely boogered up my work time.  By the time the kids return to school this coming Monday, the children will have had ten days of uninterrupted days of play.  Ugh.  The good news is that my lovies have been great considering we've been stuck in the house together without pause for such a period (less a run to the art supply shop and Chick-fil-A--so I could get a diet lemonade).

Yesterday, I only had an hour to work, but did make some progress on my fish and did a little housekeeping on my bearded man.  I like crisp lines on my modern portraits, and I worked on his mouth a bit.  

The fish will be finished today (God willing), including eyes, fins, and some highlighting.  At this point, I'm also considering adding another hue to the background.  Modern art is hard to gauge when creating.  Adding too much color or content to the composition can render it less than clean and  a little busy for the viewers eyes.  I've ruined many a paintings by enlisting a more is more kind of process rather than less.  That's something I'm continually working on as an artist.

My upcoming show at MFA will be all new work, clean, crisp, and uniform in style.  I have been asked what I'm bringing and want to be sure to offer something fresh and engaging.

Anyhow, here are some photos for you....I'm working in the kitchen this week so that I can keep an eye on my four little ones.  It's pretty cool to have them at the table nearby, making their own art.  You can't imagine how much art is on the walls in this house between the five of us!

Thank you for plugging along, and a warm hello to new viewers in Hanover and Munich!