November Waders, Lake Superior

I finished a piece today.  Finally!  There are two shows coming up that I'm submitting work to, one of which is called "Stormy Weather".  I thought this might be a good fit.  There is also a nocturne show that I might submit this for.  I'm hoping to get into one or the other!

I'm going to be short today.  Took the four kiddos trick-or-treating last night, so I not only have a severe case of sugar-bomb-belly, I also feel like a walrus with heartburn.  I don't eat much junk food, and boy did I ever last night (and the morning too, I need to confess).

Anyhow, here's my fisherman.  I started him last year at this time then looked at him this morning and he instructed me to please pick him up and fix his face.  Seriously, his face was terrible.  Poor guy.  I think he's feeling better now.  I certainly am.

The photo isn't crooked.  My head is.  Sorry for that.  I'll get a better photo after Halloween detox.

Have a fantastic, wonderful, blessed day!  It's 65 degrees here and absolutely, certifiably gorgeous outside!