Thursday--Home Stretch on my Thai Monks

That second monk has quickly become a most irritating thorn in my side.  I reworked him again today, and again, and again, etc.  This is why I needed to do it yesterday instead of waiting a day and beginning again.  My head and hands forgot how I did the first guy...the colors were not mixing exactly, etc.  So, I painted over the whole face and started fresh.  

Part of the problem was that my monk kept ending up looking like a female.  This is not hard to do when someone doesn't have strong facial features and has shaved off facial/scalp hair...the poor guy looked a little feminine despite the fact that he was the tallest fella I came across in the ten days I spent in Asia.  I was generally an entire head+ taller than all the folks in Bangkok, less a couple American basketball players who were beside us on the metro.

Anyhow, I think I'm at a happy place with the monks now.  I need to let the layers that I laid down today, dry, so that I can do all my magic glazing tomorrow.  I hope that it turns out as well as I think I will.

Here are some in process photos from my easel time today:

 Here's where I started today...

Here's where I started today...

 Three hours later...

Three hours later...

Notice the goofy smile on my right monk has gone away.  Seriously, that smile on his face was giving me the creeps.  I think this less enthusiastic look suits him better.

The photo above the first image is the original photograph I took.  I blow up the photo and have it printed on engineering paper so that I can get the dimensions correct.  I think that I was pretty successful in that, however frustrated I was with the faces.  On a positive note, the hands came easily and I'm really happy with them.

I'm going to hit up the coffee pot again....I know, I'm an addict.  But, if that's the worst thing I do, is it really so bad?

I had a Swiss visitor to my blog today.  Was it AC, in Zurich?   If yes, I'm planning on coming to see you whenever you cease to be inundated with company...maybe I'll bring the hubby and stop over in Germany to see a couple military friends who are stationed there too!...Hello FRS and D&SB!  *If that wasn't AC checking out my blog today from Switzerland then I must retract my hug. Very sorry.

As always, thank you for plugging along with me.  I'll have a completed painting for you and more progress on my chapel tomorrow.