Hospice Cup Regatta Reception Last Night!

First off, hello to Slovakia!  In the almost two years since I've been blogging my art, today is the first time I've had a viewer from there.  Welcome!

The Hospice Cup reception was last night at Holley Gallery at MFA.  What a fun party!  My entry ultimately was not chosen, but I got a lot of votes, made some great connections, and new friends.  I even got insider info from a board member who wanted me to win, but I was missing a component that the board always goes for when choosing.  So, next year...same time, same place?

I'm not above modifying my craft a bit to win a competition.  Some people might call that selling out, but getting great advice then choosing not to use it is just being pigheaded.  I may (at times) be a knucklehead, but I am most decidedly not a pig head.  

Please pardon my vanity.  Lots of photos were taken by the event planner last night but I looked like a goofy hot mess in every single one, and so will not be posting at this venue.  The gift of warm weather arrived this week, and it was 82 degrees at the reception last night, in a packed room, with lots of alcohol.  I only had a glass of white, although I may have had another had I not been driving home (I'm a cheap date--two's my max before needing a nap).  Anyhow, everyone there was hot, pinked, and glistening (sweaty).  Poor guys that showed up in sport coats...

So, today I'm again working on my Mahogany Snappers.  I have two canvas papers that are each 10x10, and a sketch completed on the one with water media on top to richen the base.  

I plan to have five pieces completed by my deadline, a week from today, to deliver to West Annapolis Artworks.  In this grouping, I plan to have two landscapes, two seascapes, and two abstracts or modern portraits.  I got a great photo last weekend that I have in mind for one of the portraits...stay tuned for more sketches and ground work, as well as a completed Mahogany Snapper piece (above).

I'm headed off to bed early as I overdid it at the fish fry tonight....I generally shy away from fried food and my stomach is very angry right now.  I think I put a sizable dent in the Atlantic Cod population...and chips too, I suppose, but I assume those came from Idaho...