Monday, Part Deux

I've got dinner on and am sitting here listening to my twelve-year-old practice the violin.  For you non-breeders, half an hour of beginner violin equates to a (4) Advil afternoon.  There was a popular song by Depeche Mode in the 90's entitled, "Enjoy the Silence".  Now I get it.

As for eye candy, I have a photo of a jelly that I got pretty far on today.  But let me tell you a little story first....

Two years ago, a big white American girl was turning 40.  She called her tiny little Thai friend from Bangkok, who was also turning 40, and suggested they celebrate together.  The big American went to Thailand and the tiny Thai friend planned some fun for their celebration week.  

They flew to Phuket then paid a lot of money to ride on a fancy snorkel boat out to the Similan Islands for the day.  The crew of the boat consisted of two smiling Thai men and one 225+# Russian male who yelled at the big American twice, in Russian, apparently because of Obama's stance on the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began that week.  The big American only knew this because an English speaking Russian/Italian on the boat was kind enough to share that very useful tidbit of information.

Anyhow, the Russian dropped the big American right down into a school of tiny jellies, the very same color as the light cobalt waters.  Before she could see them, the jellies were stinging the heck out of her.  When she finally got back on the boat, she was hopping around, trying to get the jellies out of her bikini top.  To say that she was uncomfortable is a great understatement.  Instead of assisting or offering some relief, the Russian captain began to yell at her again.  The other 25 Russians on the boat said nothing, not even looking at her, as if she were pariah.  

The 3-hour boat trip back to Phuket was incredibly humbling for the big American.  Never had she experienced such aggression.  Never had she felt at such a disadvantage, and never did she swim with jellyfish in the vicinity ever, ever again.  

Had she been fluent in Russian, she would have told him something like this..."I don't personally control my government anymore than you control yours, so let's just agree on that and be cool, OK?".  But she didn't speak Russian, not even a little.

Enough about that.  Here's my jelly so far:

See you tomorrow...