Farm on Grace Road #2

I have some administrative stuff to do today before beginning a new sketch for "Sleeping With The Fishes No. 2".  But I wanted to post this little painting that I had forgotten to post a while back.  Those of you who read along regularly know that I am absolutely enamored with farms, the older and tidier the better.

Here's a little 12x12 that I did for a show last summer.  

The above photo was taken before I varnished it with a product that I wasn't previously acquainted with.  It actually lifted the india ink off my canvas and smeared it around a bit, but honestly, I liked the effect.  That small project and new varnish discovery and began my ink/paint pen experiments that became great mixed media pieces.

Below is the piece after the varnish lifted much of the ink off and moved it.  The varnish offers a gloss, but that gloss often creates a glare for photos, so sorry about that!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a "warm" hello to Alberta, Italy, Rhode Island, Long Island, and Brooklyn, NY! Thank you for stopping by!