Moonlit Dairy Farm

I restocked my paint stash this morning after getting an oil change (why does that take an hour instead of a Jiffy?) paying bills, 39 minutes on the phone with GoDaddy for a bill inquiry, shopping for and replanting herbs that my husband "weeded out" of my garden yesterday, repairing a small stone wall in a flowerbed, laundry, kitchen cleaning, coop maintenance (shoveling chicken shit), and posting stuff we don't need anymore on craigslist (cribs, unused tiles, seven windows, two doors, wood siding, etc.)  So, essentially, today was a catch up on junk day.  The cool thing is that I've made almost $400 getting rid of stuff we don't need the past few weeks.  Bad news is, it's taking up more time than anticipated.

But I do have my new canvas prepped for Sleeping with the Fishes No. 2.  The three base layers of paint went down, and I'm trying out some new Liqitex spray paint overtop of that...that's how I get enough layers to scrape off paint and have hue surprises underneath for viewers. I'm pretty excited.  It's too sunny/hot outside to put the spray paint on so I'll do that tonight.

It is going to be 75 and sunny here all week!  That is my absolute FAVORITE weather!  I live all year for weeks like this.  My micro greens are in (red kale, mustard, broccoli rabe, and spicy lettuces).  Yesterday, I also unearthed about three pounds of root veggies that had been hiding out all winter...some "Thumbelina" carrots, red onions, beets, etc.  Made pickles with those and put them in post war Ball jars that are a turquoise blue.  

All is well in my small box, and I couldn't be more content.

I have a farm painting jpeg that I forgot to post last year.  It's down my road a bit.  So you see, my fixation on farms continues...the colors don't show well here, but it's basically a mess of payne's grey, light portrait pink, and soft white.  I outlined the structures with india ink.

Hello to new viewers in Britain and Denmark!