Clothing Line Based on My Paintings in the Works!

Vida contacted me about submitting a portfolio for a potential design collaboration of clothing and accessories for their online shop.  This is exciting because although my art is largely unmarketable to the masses (says my rep) because it appeals to district personalities versus, say, a shopper browsing home goods at Target.  

This is a good thing, because my paintings are (despite being a little weird) very much a part of me and what I find interesting.  A painting of cows or a giant Preakness horse may need a very specific buyer, but my use of color and lines make for great wearable art for anyone...for instance, a silk pocket square for a fella who wants a pop of color on that otherwise safe suit and tie.

So, I've been busy uploading, tweaking, and putting together a collection to be reviewed by Vida design teams.  Very exciting and will keep you posted.