Happy Memorial Day! Thank you Vets!

Today is always a solemn one in our home.  Before I was married to a military fella, Memorial Day was just another day for BBQ and the beach.

But in the seventeen years since I've been with my husband, I've come to realize just how much our freedoms have cost our past and present veterans.  

Today, on the way back from my folk's house, there was a sign:

"All Gave Some and Some Gave All"

I don't think I'll ever forget that quote.  Because our freedom has been costly to so many.  My husband has lost three very dear friends to post-911 campaigns...all stellar guys and devout patriots.  So, if you are someone who served, wherever that may have been, thank you!

I have a reception coming up June 11th at West Annapolis Artworks.  I believe the party begins around dinnertime.  We will provide light food and lots of drink...consider this an invitation!   This new show promises to be bold and colorful!  Today I was asked to bring in two additional works, which tickled me thoroughly. In addition, I'll have four works on paper in that show.  

Then later on in the month of June, I have two deadlines for Maryland Federation of Art juried shows.  With the school year ending in the next couple weeks, and some big changes around our household, my painting schedule has been thrown off severely.  But, I'm looking forward to painting with my children this summer and sharing all of my new goodies with you.  Wish me luck (please?).

A very hearty "hello" to my newest viewers in Italy, Australia, Brazil, Cleveland, and Brooklyn!  Thank you for stopping in and I hope you will come back soon!