I'm moving on to greener pasture...

Greener Pasture is a funny song by The Bros. Osborne (from Maryland).  Disclaimer: It's not for kids, but it is one of my favorites, as break up songs are generally amusing when done tongue in cheek.

My last post was horrid.  I apologize for that.  A cluttered mind makes for cluttered (ugly) art and I'm in a better place today.

As much as I disliked the bottom of my composition, I really enjoyed the outcome of the top.  So, I painted over the bottom with a thick, haphazard coat of green gold mixed with titanium white and unbleached titanium.  The result was bold and warm.  To that, I added a treeline of sorts above just to separate the sky and earth again.  

Then I added some cobalt blue into the mix.  I love this color!  It really livened up my palette and was a great contrast to the green gold, magenta, and light violet.  Some of that magenta might need to go away, but here's what I have so far:

Better, right? I'm pleased at what I was able to lay down today in a three hour shot of time.  The colors definitely lend themselves better to a landscape than some wacky alien head lady anyhow.  Again, sorry you had to see that, but, we all have failures, and that is for sure one of my latest worst.

Before I forget--A warm hello to Florida, China, and Parkton, MD!  

Stay tuned for the completion of the painting above.  I'm feeling really good about it now.  I appreciate you plugging along with me...and if for some reason you have an influence on the weather, please make it stop.  

Being in my 40's is bad enough.  I'm already hot.  Monday it was 102 degrees, so my family and I piled into the pick up truck and headed to the hockey store.  I suppose we were dreaming of cooler weather.  But as fun as it was getting my seven year old boy gear for the upcoming season (his first--which is early for Maryland but four years late for Michigan and Minnesota), it was still 95 when we got home that evening.  If thousands of alpacas weren't freezing to death in Peru this week, i'd think the earth was hurling itself towards the sun just to mock me.

Stay tuned...I think this painting will be called "Awaiting the Harvest" but I think that sounds kinda generic and corny (as opposed to wheaty).  If you have a better title, please advise.  I know there must be a better name out there...