Yes! And I mean a Napoleon Dynamite "Yes!"

There is absolutely nothing that can kill artistic juju like your most favorite medium in the universe being discontinued.  And that's exactly what happened Spring 2016.

However, my most favorite product has recently been reintroduced to the market.  It is now 40% more expensive (ugh!), but this one product helps me create the watercolor effect with my beloved acrylics.  What's the product, you ask?

Sorry, not telling.  I love you all and share the most intimate details of my creative endeavors but this is one secret I'm keeping to myself.  Why?

Because as sorry as I am to report bad news, the Maryland Federation of Art, among others have been hacked and there is a big industry for forged art, paintings in particular.  On any given day, I have 3+ visits from sites across the globe that are trying to steal my images.  Just to be sure, all are copyrighted, but to some, copyrights are of no consequence.  Thievery is alive and well in every sector, I suppose.  

Anyhow, I may have to cut back on my details a bit, colors I used, what I apply them with, etc.  I would be severely put out if my images were recreated and sold online.  So much of me goes into each piece and when original ideas are stolen, artists have a hard time supporting themselves.  If artists cannot support themselves then they can no longer create beautiful things for you to look at, ponder, or live on the walls of your home.  As blessed as we are to have access to the technology that we do, this is definitely a downside.

So!  I'll get off my soapbox.  My favorite item will be arriving in the mail this week.  I've been going without for three months and it's been horrid.  I'll make you some lovely things to look at with it!  Stay tuned!

I want to say "hello" to my new viewers in Great Britain, Sweden, and Warren, Ohio!  Thank you for stopping in!

*Here's a little painting I wanted to share with you until next time.  It's an early painting I did of our older son.  It's hard to paint a child in motion, but I think this one turned out ok.  At least, he likes it.  Notice the india ink?  I kinda went overboard with it, but I like the effect.  I added water and some Payne's Grey for much of the gray and background.  It's called "Spring Puddles" and was a study that was supposed to be of birch trees but my son kept running in front of me drawing so I took that as hint that he wanted to be in the piece.