After a trip to the art supply shop this morning to buy a VERY large canvas for my next piece entitled "The Bathers" for the Melange show in Feb/Mar 2018, I put my in process piece on the kitchen island to glance at and make some decisions.

After choosing what I really really wanted to paint next (a rather modern figurative piece), I determined that my little landscape was just a little too literal for the one in the pipeline.  Having one piece chosen for a show is one thing, but having a seven foot wall to cloth in eager canvases presents a whole other issue...that is, the necessity for a cohesive grouping.

So, after a little pouting (I hate changing courses when I'm nearing the finish line on a painting!!!) I decided that my landscape would instead be a seascape, and I'd add a little more abstract.  Today I did just that, but needed to stop because I hope to do some glazing tonight/tomorrow and need the undercoats to be pretty dry to do so.

Here's where I stopped today:


Meanwhile, I prepped and underpainted "The Bathers".  This piece will be a big one, 30x48".  It will be my statement piece for the show and the one that hopefully lures gallery wanderers in for a closer look...

I'll be sketching that out either this evening, or tomorrow, early.

Signing off for now...