Thursday, December 21st. The Bathers. Done.

Had another great day today!!!  Such a blessing and I am very thankful.  I finished "The Bathers" and also determined that "Sand Beach" is better an abstract after placing it on it's side and adding some drippy paint.  As I said yesterday, all the pieces for this show must look as if they were birthed from the same artist's brain.  This is a challenge as my work depends on my mood and my moods change at will (although in my defense, I lean positive).  

As with "The Bathers", inspiration may come from a photo from last year of a mother and daughter readying to jump into a river (or something) in some tropical locale.  I thought the figures, with their unusually long blonde locks and arms would be interesting to paint.  I like my subjects to have a little whimsey and exaggerated features meet that criteria.

This afternoon, I decided that I liked it as is, without a spectrum of color.  I had cleaned up the skin and hair with acrylics then added charcoal and did some smudging...I hope you can see what I see-- a simple composition that doesn't anything else to be of interest...


Here's a sneak preview...(above) It still needs to dry and some artist's adhesive to get the charcoal to stay put!  I've already signed it though, which means (maybe) that it's officially done!


Here are the other two pieces that will be in the show so far...Notice the colors are all from the same palette, since I'm all over the place in both size and composition.  I'm going to add some texture to the abstract tomorrow perhaps in spherical shape (or not, just thinking out loud here...) to finish it off.

Thank you for stopping by!  Hope to have lots more for you soon.