Goodbye My Sweet Boy

Today our sweet weimaraner, Calvin, was put to sleep after a long and painful attempt to rid him of the multiple infections that had ravaged his body the past two weeks.  

Losing a pet is a terrible thing, especially when that pet was a gift.

I purchased my our first weimeraner, Hobbes, as a wedding gift for my husband.  He lived sixteen years.  And today, our younger weim, Calvin, went home to heaven after an truly ugly battle with a rare tick disease.  Calvin was my husband's 42nd birthday gift in 2013.

Rest in peace my sweet boy.  

I painted Calvin when he was about six months old, on our kitchen table, waiting for dinner.  It never occurred to him that he was a dog and therefore eats on the floor.  But he was hungry and since his humans ate at the table, he thought to give it a try...just standing there on top, waiting for a five course dinner to magically appear.  Coincidentally, Calvin also thought the toilet was likewise, a magical water fountain.

That pet portrait is currently at the Annapolis Maritime Museum for the Flora and Fauna show this month.  Maybe Calvin will stop by the museum to see his likeness on display before heading to his celestial adventure where there are lots of rabbits to catch, toilet fountains, and mac and cheese for every meal.  

So long my Love.  Thank you for watching over me and the kiddos all of those years when Daddy was away...and for all the endless abundance of smiles and happy you gave us, your faultless disposition, and for never nipping anyone (except for the neighbor girl who thoughtlessly ran over your foot with her bike while you were pooping).