Stan, Stan, the Lobsta Man...

I just can't bring myself to name this painting, "Stan".  Mostly because this piece is loosely based on a real dude and his name might be Steve, Bob, or Jim (or Jim-Bob?).  So, I've decided to call it, "Orange Rubbers".  Mostly because I like my work to generate smiles and even at the ripe old age of 43, the word, "rubber" still makes me laugh.  I know, immature, but whatever.  

So, here ya go, and not finished a moment too soon!  This piece is headed to a Maine cottage tomorrow!  I managed to twist my dad's arm some more and he will be joining myself and my daughter for another road trip.  Lift off is 5:45 am... We drive straight thru, only stopping once for coffee and the commode...

If you feel inclined to, please pray for travel mercies for us as we brave 95!

 Hope you like it!

Hope you like it!

I realize this painting seems a little sparse on color compared to recent work, but this was intentional.  This piece will be in a very small living room that would feel incredibly closed in if the composition were any darker or any busier.  I'll take a pic and show you what I mean when I get back.  The important thing is that this piece will tie together the entire cottage, featuring the primary palette and establishing the color theme for the place.  

I'll be back next week with lots of great coastal folks and photos to paint.  Come back?