Got back from another fruitful trip to Maine, where It was 85 degrees with no humidity.  My poor husband was stuck in the house with the four kiddos the entire time I was in Maine and the heat index outdoors in Maryland was 105 degrees.  Ugh.

Meanwhile....Dad and I were plugging way at the cottage, getting a few larger and some lesser projects completed.  The photographer is at the place as I write here from my living room in Maryland.  I've got the windows open and there's a cool breeze today so I'm taking the kiddos to the beach where my folks courted and I learned to swim, in St. Mary's County.  This is the very same county where my people first dropped anchor after a trip across the pond from England, shortly after the arrival of the The Ark and The Dove.  

I got "Orange Rubbers" up in the cottage living room but am not sure that is where Stan (the subject) actually belongs.  The realtor for the place came by (Hello Lorraine!!!) and really liked the piece.  I may paint one of her Richard in the near future (if she'll allow me).

So, if you think you may need to have "Orange Rubbers" for your own, please shoot me an email to discuss the logistics.  I do have payment plans and quite honestly, shipping original art in the heat of summer is a bad idea anyway.

I'll post some of the professional photos here when I get them.  Mine turned out kinda ugly.

Thank you for stopping in!