Surry Sunset

Good evening!  Busy day today...a little work, a little painting, and a little new addition to the family.

A month ago we lost our sweet Calvin to a rare tick disease.  Our family has had a terrible time missing his goofy, unending love and antics that used to be borderline irritating until they were no more.  

That dog kept us smiling, and he was always up for playing or just sitting next to you while you work.  Calvin wouldn't leave the side of anyone in the family when they were sick...including a one week camp out on my thirteen year old's bed when she had the flu on her birthday last year.  He only left her to potty.  We had to bring his food in with hers...

Well, today we met our new baby, Oliver Moses Rynbrandt, a blue weimaraner with bloodlines that go back twenty generations.  I did some research, then put a deposit on an upcoming litter at Linden Farms, a 1700's farm located in Southern Maryland.  Oliver was born on July 1st, and he's absolutely beautiful!

There were two blue boys to choose from and we went with the larger one that was nosier, curious, and seemed to like to wiggle a lot.  My hubby plans on training him to hunt, and lazy, uninterested dogs do not make for good rabbit, grouse, pheasant, or duck hunters.

Here's a photo:

In other news (which may be why you are here...not for cute and cuddly puppy click bait) I started that sunset photo of Surry, Maine that I took a week or two ago.  I put down the first three or four very light washes, except for a couple spots where I need some drama.

Here's what I have so far:

It could be that I was listening to Jon Pardi's "California Sunset" CD, but this piece was not supposed to go this way!  However, after a few attempts to redirect my piece, I just let go and went with it.  Why fight it, right?

I plan to work on this again tomorrow.  I got about three hours in today, and if I can match that tomorrow, I'd be pretty darn pleased.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping in!