The great thing about painting abstracts is that...

...If a certain artist doesn't like where the painting is going, she simply has to flip it and re-evaluate the composition and balance from another perspective.

For instance...this piece has not been following directions since the get go.  So today, after careful thought (not really, but I didn't have any better ideas), I turned it upside down to see if perhaps it could have a chance at being something worth having at another angle.

In an instant, the piece had more interest.

So, here's where I started today...I took Surry Sunset and flipped it then started over (almost).

 The clouds will become the water, and the water will become the clouds.  Sounds fair, right?

The clouds will become the water, and the water will become the clouds.  Sounds fair, right?

Here's another two hours in....after the flip...


And another two hours later...


Try and ignore the glare if possible.  I didn't really finish up tonight until nearly 8pm and taking photos without natural light is not ideal.

I have another hour or so to add some warmth that was lost when I painted over the original sky with washes of blues of all sorts, some magenta, and a little more teal.  I'll warm it up with some rusty reds and yellow ochre, I think. And maybe a little depth in the teal areas of the sky.  But, alas, I had five people standing there, arms folded, wanting dinner, so my project for today will again be incomplete.  

I hope to have this all wrapped up by lunchtime tomorrow and posted for your critique.  Hope you like it.  I do!

School starts next week and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  I have so many ideas and no time to explore them, but, after my little guy starts KG next Thursday, I have a feeling my creative juju will return.  It's not like I don't feel creative the past three months, it's that my outlet for my creativity has been rather dictated by my four little (and one big) dictators over the summer.  

Next year I might try summer camp.  Now I totally get why my mom forced me into summer church camp three hours away with zero chance for escape.  You have no idea how torturous that is on a chubby, socially challenged creative kid who was twice as big as the rest of the girls in her cabin.  I'm still mad at my mom for that.  She was always tiny, gorgeous, and quite popular and just didn't get my awkwardness.

Apparently, I needed to get that out for some reason.  Thanks for listening...

And, Mom- if you are reading this-- You are still tiny, gorgeous, and quite popular, but Camp Grace was the worst!