Update- On My Easel

This weekend, I've been tooling around with shapes and sizes of babies in bellies of women online.  I like to have my subjects, particularly in a more realistic piece, to have reasonable dimensions.  I came across a photo of a little one with the lifeline curled around him (or her).  

I liked the look because the cord really provides the life support.  I imagine little babies in a scuba sort of situation.  Remember those big, heavy metal diving suits with those thick hoses that provided oxygen?  The cord from mother to child is kinda like that.  And according to my husband (who's cut four of them against his will) they are every bit as tough as a rubber garden hose!  He still talks about how gross that was.  Poor fella.  Being a dad is so demanding!

So here's what I've got for you today.  The baby is almost sketched here after a few unsuccessful attempts of an upside down baby (more realistic but didn't look right on the canvas) and a baby that was too big to allow the belly to show at all, and quite frankly, I like her belly.

Tomorrow i'll be putting some more shading in and working on the background so that it's consistent with "The Bathers", a companion piece.

Hope whoever you're rooting for tonight (Super Bowl!) wins...as long as it's Tom Brady launching that pigskin into outer space!  Philly is only two hours from us, but Tom Brady is 40, and therefore gets my vote just for the fact that he's old (for a QB) and still hits it hard on the field and consistently wins with a team of relative nobodies.  Superstars seem to ruin a team.  That's perhaps what happened to our hometown team, The Baltimore Ravens.  Too many glorifying themselves instead of glorifying each other....

Stop back tomorrow for some major additions to the piece below, "Blessed Vessel".