Home Stretch....Although, I'm thinking a nightscape now...

Good afternoon!

Poor lighting aside (damn rain!), I'm having a great day with my current "in progress" work, Hurricane, Utah.

All that delicious sloppy paint that I swished around on the canvas yesterday lost much of it's saturation when dry.  Rather disappointed that the colors faded with the water (considering those babies are $20 for a small tube).  Uh.  Paints are priced by pigment, and unfortunately, my favorite hues are those of the blue/green variety.  And don't get me started on the reds...

So, after my minor setback this morning when I checked the drying paint, I decided to move forward with more deliberate brushwork.  I'll add some mood at the end by mixing a tinted glaze to go over the sky that will be left to swirl around a bit, offering a little modern nod to what has become a more traditional/representational landscape.

Here's where I stopped today...


I also decided to whittle down the palette a bit.  As much as a light violet sky appeals to me, it doesn't offer as much a contrast as the "lagoon" teal blue that has been layered overtop of it.  There was just too much going on and I needed to make a change or two. Now I'm wishing that I hadn't spent so many hours on that sky yesterday....live and learn, I suppose.

I've got about eight layers of paint on this piece so that texture is part of the composition.  I like it when a little schmear of paint here and there jumps off the canvas.  It also really looks great after it's varnished.  

Happy Friday and thank you for spending a little part of your day with me.