Making Lemonade...

This morning I'm updating some of my products.  This is a great way to fore into textiles with a minimal amount of cost and (wo)man hours.

Transferring photographs, drawings, watercolors, and unfinished work (or work that didn't quite work) to fabrics, leather, and other wearable items is very much designing but with my own original images.  Ever wonder where all the lovely prints on nicer clothing, scarves, handbags, or pocket squares come from?  Much of the time they are commissioned or purchased (or "borrowed") from artists like myself.  Through ShopVida, I can forgo the ever-present middle man and put my own images on finer quality wearable art.  Every once in a while I'll add to my little collection.  This morning I uploaded an image of a wet "Red Rock Evening" in-process photo.  The painting looked great wet, but as mentioned on my blog, looked pretty crappy and bland after it dried.

But here it is on a leather clutch, where it's found a happy new home:

Here's another one that I really (really) like of my painting, "Sand Beach, Acadia":

The site won't allow me to copy the image and post here (that's a good thing!). But you can see my images all over products at the ShopVida sight.  Be sure to take a peek at my favorite item "Sleeping Beard", a men's pocket square/scarf that looks even better on silk than on canvas!

I put down some underpainting today on a new figurative piece and will be working on that and a new abstract landscape that may also end up on a wallet or something...

I'll be making a real post with a new painting on it in about four hours so come back after dinner!