On My Easel Today...

I'm going all out abstract on this one.  It is a landscape of sorts, but I just let it happen vs. trying to make it something that it just didn't want to be.

I got a new spray bottle!  Ok, not what every girl has on her wishlist, but I found one that is smallish enough and has a really nice, fine spray.  My old one just spit the water out, and it was really not steady.  May as well have been a field sprinkler.

I'm not sure what this one it called, but I do know that I'm not going to change it around like last time with Red Rock Evening.  I need to just be happy with what I've given sometimes, and today is precisely one of those occasions. 

 Any ideas for a title?

Any ideas for a title?

Thank you for stopping by today!  Summer is officially here and I'll be painting with our four kiddos at the kitchen table from now until September!