Back from another road trip!

Yesterday, I drove twelve hours with four kids under fourteen in the pick up with me.  What could have been a fifteen Advil day, was actually one of the most pleasant (but grueling on the body) drives I've ever had with them.  They were pretty much perfect.  The only hiccup was the six-year-old melting down in Connecticut, but that was my fault for getting him a Mountain Dew (he is so cute so telling him no is exceedingly difficult).  We only stopped twice, the last stop only an hour from home.  I wanted to celebrate the end of a fantastic trip with milkshakes, all around.

While I was away, I got some great news!  My piece, "Badfish (A Nod to Sublime)" was chosen by an well-known and revered internationally known artist, for the Maryland Federation of Art Fall Member Show to begin the last week of September.  Considering over 400 artists submitted work for this show, being one of the 66 chosen was really an honor.  You can see the others chosen at:

I have some truly inspirational photos from which to work from my travels this summer with the family.  A ton from the Old Mission Peninsula (Michigan), as of this past week, land and seascapes from Portland, Maine, all the way to Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island.

The most fun we experienced has to have been a hike through a mile-long mossy staircase to a secluded beach on Deer Isle.  There is a strip of soft, clean, sand dotted with tumbled granite and marble stones, that make a land bridge to Barred Island.  When the tide is out, you can walk from Deer Isle to Barred Island over that beautiful arc, with pristine salty shallow water to play in on both sides.  Of course, when the tide is in, there is ten feet of water and one can only pass with the help of a boat.  The kiddos spent the afternoon (at low tide) at that beach, collecting stones and climbing rocks, chasing minnows, and exploring colorful tide pools, then headed to scenic Stonington for Maine Seafood Chowder at a cafeteria-style waterside restaurant, where you can eat on the deck and watch the lobstermen unload their bounties.  That is by far, the best chowder I've had on either coast.  

School is starting in six days and as much as I'll miss my little people, I'm anxious to get some work done.  I'll be working on some sketches over the weekend (God willing).  My little brother, his wife, and one year old little boy, will be coming up from Atlanta for a visit, so I'm hoping to get a little modern portrait of him done sometime soon as well.  I'll be snapping photos of him for sure.

Thank you for visiting!  I'll be uploading some visuals shortly...